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 Recruition Process

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PostSubject: Recruition Process    Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:39 am

Yet before you apply to join us, you need to be aware of a few things.
Make shure you match up to beeing an admin. We expect you to keep order on the server at any time you are there, means if there is laming going on, you do not sit arround doing nothing or chatting with others, you go against the lamers until the situation is cleared. Same goes for other situations an admin has to take care of.
Work goes first.
Join us for the right reasons. If you are joining us to get powers or to be with your friends, but aint willin to do the admin work at any time its needed, then you will either not get into the clan or not last long in there.
Follow our rules at any time, no matter what happens. You, as the admin are here to prevent people from breaking rules, not to break them yourself.
Last but not least, be aware that this clan is lead by its leader, not by you. His decissions and orders are law and to be accepted and respected at any time.
Disrespect is not beeing tolerated, show off disrespect upon your leaders, no matter if directly or behind his back and you may get striked out.

In short:
- if you are lazy, not doing your work
- if you are doing your work wrong
- if you are not obbeying the rules
- if you are ganging up on the leadment
you will take the punishment.

Beeing aware of this and still willin to join our clan, you may post an application. Once posted you have to wait for a recruiter to either denie or accept you. He will do so in your application. You do not need to tell an admin that you posted an application, the recruiters regulary check the recruitment center and will see that you applied.

If you got accepted, a recruiter will talk to you on the server, telling you about the rank you have to wear and your duties. You may only wear this rank if a recruiter told you to, do not put them on by yourself.
Having this rank you will run through a trial periode, in which we test your behave and admin abilities, til we atlast have a final test with you. How long this trial periode lasts depends on you, how you do your job.
Below you find a list of things needed for you to pass your trial:

- follow all our rules at any time, on the server as aswell on the forums
- tell a rulebreaker our rules and that they shall follow them
- explain the "no laming rule" to a lamer, he might not know it
- help the clients whereever you can, that means help them with registering, about the mod and answer their questions if they have
- be active on the server
- do not play admin, you are not an admin. Do not interfere in admins work unless they ask you to do so
- listen to an admin and do as he say
- last but not least, the admins will know when you are ready to be tested, if you ask an admin to get tested, your trial time will get increased

Performing all those points perfectly, your trial may not take longer than a week.
Afterwards you will run through a little test in which your duel ability, your knowledge about our clan and your ways of handling situations are beeing tested.
For that its recommended to know everything about our clan, from the rules up to the ranks and else.
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Recruition Process
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